Himalayan Crystal Sea Salt


Himalayan Crystal Salt – Raw & Unrefined

Where to buy Himalayan Crystal Salt? Right here at Melina International! Himalayan Crystal Sea Salt has withstood enormous amounts of pressure over many millions of years, which formed the “sea salt” into a “Crystal Salt.” Within this crystalline structure, the 84 Trace Minerals and Elements present are extremely bio-available making Himalayan Crystal Salt an excellent source of abundant trace minerals.

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Benefits of Himalayan Crystal Salt

  • Can improve sleep quality
  • Balance body’s pH levels
  • Non-GMO

What is Himalayan Crystal Salt?

Good question! Himalayan Crystal Salt is salt that has a pink tint to it that is gathered from the Himalayas mountains! Many have said that it is healthier than your basic table salt. Making sure you have good levels of sodium in the body can benefit your health.

Melina Himalayan Crystal Sea Salt Nutritional FactsServing Size: 1/4 tsp (1.5g)Servings Per Container:

Amount Per ServingDaily ValueCalories0
Total fat0g0%Saturated fat0g0%Trans fat0g0%Cholesterol0g0%Sodium0.573mg19%Total carbs0g0%Dietary fiber0g0%Sugars0g


100% unrefined pink Himalayan Sea Salt. raw, bio energetically alive, stone-ground, ceramic, blade cut


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