Melina International Trading Sunflower Oil 500 ml – GMO Free


This sunflower oil is best for sauteing, frying, and grilling, boosted with vitamin K and vitamin E.

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Non-GMO Sunflower Oil for grilling & frying

We are excited to show our single-origin GMO free Sunflower Oil! This oil is best used for frying or even sauteing your favorite vegetables or meat.

This oil can be used on high heat without being burned and is great for salad dressings and baking. Low in saturated fats, this oil has a high content of fatty acids, vitamin E, and more!

Benefits of Sunflower Oil

  • Can help with heart health
  • May help with inflammation
  • Improves Skin Health
  • Improves Immune System

How Do I Use Sunflower Oil?

Frying, Sauté, and Stir-Fry

Use it as a butter substitute and for high heat cooking. Or use to saute vegetables and meat, or more.

Marinades or Salad Dressings

This sunflower oil can be a healthy alternative for meat marinades, salad dressings or even sauces.


If you want to bake, you can use sunflower oil as a substitute for butter! Bake with cookies, cakes, and bread. Baking sunflower oil gives your baking more moisture.


Is sunflower oil a healthy option?

Yes! Sunflower oil is a perfect alternative for a healthy option. Sunflower oil has 20% of monounsaturated fat and is super low in saturated fat.

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